Küllüoba Kazısı


May 2011: Prof.Dr. Turan Efe and Dr. Murat Türkteki took place in scientific advisory comittee of  the exhibition entitled   “Across” Cylades and Western Anatolia During the 3rd Millennium BC held by the Sakıp Sabancı Museum. By this exhibition the EBA finds from Cyclades, Aegean Coast and inland western Anatolia have been brought together for the first time. The exhibition   illuminating the cultural relations between  Anatolia and  the Aegean realm will be open to the visitors  till October 30, 2011.

May 2011: Prof.Dr. Turan Efe gave a speech entitled “Küllüoba Excavation Results, 2010” in the 33rd International Symposium of Excavations, Surveys and Archaeometry.

May 2011: A paper  has been given by Prof Prof.Dr.Turan Efe, Res. Asst. Deniz Sarı and Res. Asst. Erkan Fidan in the IIIrd International Symposium of Archaeology  which was held in Kütahya Dumlupınar Üniversity’, entitled   The Significance of the Keçiçayırı Excavations in the Prehistory of Inland Northwestern Anatolia”. The papers presented have been published in a volume by Kütahya Dumlupınar University.

May 2010: Res.Asst. Murat Türkteki gave a speech entitled   Küllüoba Kazıları, 2009” in the Excavations and Surveys Meeting- 10 which was held  at the Istanbul University,  Faculty of Letters

May 2010: An article by Res.Asst. Murat Türkteki entitled   A Unique Necked Pot Found in an Early Bronze Age Votive Pit in Küllüoba,  appeared in Anatolia Antiqua Vol. XVIII:23-30.

May 2010: Res.Asst. Deniz Sarı gave a speech entitled Keçiçayırı Kazıları, 2009” in the Excavations and Surveys Meeting- 10 which was held at the Istanbul University, Faculty of Letters

May 2009: An article by Res.Asst. Deniz Sarı entitled  “Late EB II Pottery recovered in Complex II of Kulluoba" appeared  in Anatolia Antiqua Vol. XVII:89-132.

April 2009: An article by Prof.Dr.Turan Efe, Res.Asst. Murat Türkteki, Res.Asst. Deniz Sarı, Res.Asst. Erkan Fidan entitled as "Eskişehir’in Bilinen En Eski Şehri" appeared in Aktüel Arkeoloji.

July 2008: An article by Prof. Dr. Turan Efe and Res.Asst.. Erkan Fidan ''Complex II in the early bronze II upper town of Küllüoba Near Eskişehir'' in Anatolica Vol. XXXIV:67-102.

February 1 2008: A short article by Erkan Fidan on the Keçiçayırı Salvage Excavation entitled   ''Taşların Dili'' appeared in National Geographic February 2008:50.

January 2008: An article entitled   ''Keçiçayırı (Seyitgazi-Eskişehir) 2007 Yılı Kurtarma Kazıları'' by Prof. Dr. Turan Efe and Res.Asst. Murat Türkteki'  appeared in Colloquium Anatolicum  Vol. VI:75-84.

May 28-29th , 2007: The presentations related to Küllüoba Excavations and Rescue Excavations at Keçiçayırı has been submitted by Prof. Dr. Turan Efe at the 29th International Symposium of Excavations, Research and Archaeometry which was held at the Kocaeli University.

May 1st , 2007: A short article by Erkan Fidan entitled  Batı Anadolu’nun ilk kenti: Küllüoba” appeared in the National Geographic Magazine, Turkey (May 2007:34).

May 1st , 2007: Prof. Dr. Turan Efe and Research Assistant Erkan Fidan gave speeches in the symposium (Archaeological Excavations and Surveys Meeting 7) held at the Faculty of Letters of Istanbul University, Rescue Excavation in Keçiçayırı 2006 (Turan Efe) and Küllüoba Excavations 2006 (Erkan Fidan).

19 April 2007: Prof. Dr. Turan Efe gave a lecture  on the  Küllüoba Excavations in Eskişehir Anadolu University Click for the details.

March 2007: Two articles have  appeared on the Küllüoba excavations: The Küllüoba Excavations and the Cultural/Political Development of Western Anatolia Before the Second Millennium BC, the article by Turan Efe and Deniz S.M. Ay Efe, and Küllüoba’da Ele Geçirilen Siyah Ağız Kenarlı (Black-Topped) Kaselerden Birkaç Örnek, the article by Deniz Sarı has been published in the volume Belkıs Dinçol ve Ali Dinçol’a Armağan”.


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